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While having a stain in your carpet is never a good thing, there are some stains that can become a full-fledged nightmare. They’re the ones that like to really grab on to your carpet’s fibers and lurk around, making your home seem dirty and disheveled. If you’d like to know what some of these are so you can be extra careful when handling those substances, keep on reading.

Most Difficult Carpet Stains


Mustard is tasty on your hot dogs and hamburgers, but you can bet that the sight of it on your floor isn’t as delightful. A drop of it on your carpet can have you seeing yellow spots for a long time!


You know what doesn’t look great on your carpeted flooring? A big red, blue or black spot right in the middle of it. What’s worse is that ink can create such a stubborn stain on your carpeting.


Seeing blood on a carpet is never a good thing. Firstly, because it means that someone was injured. Secondly, because the stain it leaves behind is almost impossible to get rid of.


Many people need their coffee to wake up and start their routine. However, as much as it may help you become a productive human being, coffee can become your carpet’s number 1 enemy.

Red Wine

While it is fun to have red wine with dinner or when friends come over, having to clean a spill of it from your carpet isn’t as fun. In fact, you may have to work hard on the stain before getting it off.

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