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When you’ve got carpet in your home, as well as someone living there with allergies, you may often feel that your carpet is the culprit. Though carpet itself is usually hypoallergenic, some of the substances that make their home in carpet, can certainly cause discomfort to allergy sufferers. Colonial Cleanpro would like to offer a bit of information on those most common allergens associated with carpet, as well as giving you some ideas as to how you can rid your home of them once and for all. Of course, if you’ve got pets in your home, you should take a moment to look at our blog on pets and carpet

To eliminate minor carpet allergens, such as pet hair, dust, dirt, and pollen you should consider the following tips: 
  • Try not to use window fans in your home, although they may seem practical, if you’ve got someone in your home suffering from allergies, understand that these fans are going to pull in dirt and dust from outside
  • Vacuum your home regularly, at least three times a week-if the allergy sufferer in your home is still having trouble, consider vacuuming even more regularly
  • You should also keep in mind that your upholstered furniture can benefit from regularly vacuuming as well

If you’ve got a more serious problem with allergens, and the regular vacuuming doesn’t seem to be working, then perhaps you’ve got a problem with dust mites in your home. It is actually the dust mite feces that causes the problem, but of course, in order to get rid of the feces, you’ve got to get rid of the dust mites themselves. 
  • Unfortunately, regular vacuuming is not going to do the trick
  • Dust mites are typically attracted to humidity so you can help by keeping the humidity in your home under 50%
  • You can rent a wet vac or steam clean your carpet on your own
  • Of course, you could also do well to hire a professional

Remember that nothing will beat those carpet allergens quite like a professional carpet cleaning. When you decide it is time to have one of those done in your home, remember us at Cleanpro. For carpet cleaners in Chesterfield County, be sure to contact us at (804) 898 3363. Don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets!

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