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Cleaning your carpet, and removing those old stains and pesky odors can often be one of those house cleaning tasks that is overlooked, until there is a big problem. Colonial Cleanpro is here to help you whenever you realize it is that time for carpet cleaning in the tri-cities. Likewise, we’re here to help with the small issues you may come across when caring for your carpets. Today, we’d like to offer a bit of advice on how to care for your area rugs in your home. It’s true that the Cleanpro System can work with area rugs as well, but for those in between cleanings months, pay attention to some of these steps today. 

General Area Rug Care:

- Remember that your area rug, in many ways, should be treated just as your carpet. You will do well to remember to vacuum it on a regular basis

- If you have pets, then your area rug will often be a popular place for them to lay down. With that in mind, you may also do well to use a special pet hair removal brush or roller on your carpet every so often as well

- One thing you can do with your area rug, that you can’t do with your carpet, is be sure to rotate it at least every 6 months. Ideally you may even have two area rugs and be able to store one while using the other, in order to give each rug a breathing period. The reasons you’ll want to rotate your area rugs are as follows:
  • When your area rug is exposed to light, whether natural or artificial, it is quite possible that it will become faded, if the light is always hitting the same spots on the rug
  • Likewise, if you’ve got the edge of your couch or some other large piece of furniture resting on your area rug, that part will begin to indent and wear more quickly than the rest of the rug

Removing Specific Stains on Your Area Rug:

Of course when you discover that something has been spilled on your area rug, the first thing you should do is attempt to get as much of the liquid out, by blotting, as possible, prior to it drying. If it’s too late for that, or if there’s just too much liquid, then consider making the following mixture to help remove the stain. This works for set in stains as well. 
  • Start with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and mix in a quart of warm water
  • Next, add ¼ of a teaspoon of white vinegar-do not use another vinegar as a substitute. White vinegar is clear and thus the obvious best option, it also leaves little to no residue
  • Put these substances together in a spray bottle
  • Remember to not go too crazy with spraying, you won’t want to get any more liquid on your carpet than absolutely necessary
  • So, start off small, spraying a bit and blotting the area with a terry cloth towel or soft rag, working into the stain until it starts to come up
  • Repeat this as many times as necessary until you achieve the results you desire

Even after doing your own area rug and carpet maintenance throughout the year, there will come a time when you’ll need a professional carpet cleaning, and that is exactly what the experts at Cleanpro are here to do. For carpet cleaning services in the tri-cities, contact us to get a consultation and to set up your service, (804) 898-3363.

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