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Having high levels of humidity in your home can feel unpleasant, but it can be much worse than that. Constant high levels of humidity can cause mold growth on your walls as well as in your carpet. This mold brings with it unpleasant odors that can also cause some health issues over time. Cleanpro Colonial in Chesterfield County has some tips to keep your home humidity free and your carpets mold free.


An easy way to avoid humidity in your home is making sure rooms are adequately ventilated. One of the most important spaces that requires great ventilation is the bathroom. Showers create a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and if not properly ventilated this can cause humidity levels to rise and mold to grow. If you have a vent fan in the bathroom, make sure to use it and leave it on a bit longer than your shower. If you don’t have a vent fan, make sure to open a window while you shower and keep it open afterwards to get rid of moisture. Taking shorter, less hot showers can also help in your fight against humidity.Another area that requires proper ventilation is the kitchen. Use vent fans while cooking as this can also cause humidity levels to rise. You can also crack a window if your ventilation system needs extra help. Fans can also help move air around and reduce the moisture in the air. 

Inspect your home

Plants inside your home can be contributing to the rising humidity. Take them outside for a while or restrict them to one room in your home. Covering any exposed soil will also help reduce the moisture in the air by reducing water evaporation. Check the filters in your furnace and your air conditioning system. Making sure they’re clean will help the airflow be at its best. You can also use your air conditioning system to reduce humidity by setting it on its dry setting. If you’re hang drying clothes, make sure to do this outdoors. Check your pipes for leaks since this can contribute to high humidity levels. If necessary, consider using a dehumidifier to help solve any moisture and mold problems around your home.

If you have high humidity levels in your home and need help with your carpets, call a professional carpet service to make sure your carpet is at its best. Remember that professional carpet cleaning is an essential part of keeping your carpets clean and lively. For the best and most professional carpet cleaning and carpet care in Chesterfield County, call Cleanpro Colonial at (804) 898- 3363 and be sure to check out how the Cleanpro system works.

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