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A Few Tips to Help You Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for the Job

Despite what the vacuum cleaner salesperson will tell you, when it comes to vacuum cleaners, the newest and most expensive vacuum cleaner isn’t always the best suited one for you. In order to keep your home and your carpets clean, hygenic, and in the best condition for longer, you need the right vacuum cleaner for your situation. If you are confused by all of the options and are receiving mixed information from friends, colleagues, and sales agents when choosing between a traditional and a bagless vacuum cleaner, Colonial Cleanpro is here to help.

To Bag or Not to Bag

With such a range of modern and classic vacuum cleaners, it can be hard to decide which is the right one for you and your carpets. This article from Colonial Cleanpro has some great information which can help you choose.


Despite its name, a bagless vacuum cleaner doesn’t magically suck up all of the dirt and dust from your carpets and transport it to a mystical world. If your idea was to never empty a vacuum cleaner again, that future isn’t here just yet. Instead, it sucks it all up into a container which you will need to remove and empty each time it becomes full.

What Are the Advantages?

Price is often the first item that crosses people’s mind when it comes time to choose between a bag or a bagless vacuum cleaner. However, don't simply pay attention to the initial purchase price. While many bagless vacuum cleaners can seem expensive, consider that you won’t need to purchase replacement vacuum bags each time yours fills up. You can simply empty it and continue cleaning. The second biggest advantage is knowing when it is full. Often, bagless vacuum cleaner manufacturers will show off their catchment containers, meaning you can easily see when yours is full and needs to be emptied. This is beneficial when vacuuming areas which don’t appear dirty, but are host to small dirt and dust particles. If you can’t see a great difference, you are often none the wiser if the job is being done.

What Are the Disadvantages?

This brings us to the primary disadvantage. When emptying a bagless vacuum cleaner catchment container, often times dust and particles will re-enter the air as the debris falls into the trash. Although it's a small disadvantage to general homeowners, it is something worth nothing if there are people in your home with allergies or you have pets around. As good as any vacuum cleaner is, both bag and bagless, neither can remove stains or thoroughly clean the roots of your carpets fibers. For these services, you need a professional carpet cleaning service, such as Colonial Cleanpro. To return your carpets to their former glory and keep them free from allergens and pollutants, call 804 324 6471 to book a thorough and eco-friendly carpet cleaning service, today.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner (Traditional)

Now it’s time for the traditional vacuum cleaner, and likely the style which you grew up with. Don’t discount this option just because it has been around for decades. Instead, consider that it has made it this far with vast improvements in the way it operates.

What Are the Advantages?

In contrast to the disadvantage of a bagless vacuum mentioned above, all of the dirt and debris is sucked up into a bag where it is held until you throw the entire bag in the trash. When emptying and replacing your vacuum cleaner bags, there is very little to no dust and pollutants which re-enter the atmosphere in your home. This is often the better choice for allergy sufferers and pet owners.

Now, the Disadvantages

Of course, a bagless vacuum cleaner isn’t without its disadvantages. The most commonly complained about is the need to purchase new bags each time that you dispose of your full bag. While the cost won’t affect all homeowners in the same way, it is worth considering how often you vacuum, how much debris you usually remove, and your monthly budget. If you often suck up a lot of dirt and debris from your carpet, then a bagged vacuum cleaner has the potential to add significant costs to your ongoing budget. Limited operation is second on the list. Imagine that you are halfway through cleaning your carpets only to find that the bag becomes full and you don’t have any more bags on-hand. This can put a stop to your cleaning frenzy and potentially dampen any entertaining plans you have, or more importantly, had.

Whichever You Choose, Be Sure to Treat Your Carpets to Regular Carpet Cleaning in Petersburg

Both of these options are great vacuum cleaners, and whichever you choose is entirely personal to your circumstance. However, despite their differences, they all share one commonality - neither can remove stains or mold spores from your carpets. For these tasks, you need a professional carpet cleaning service, such as Colonial Cleaner. If you are looking down at a heavily stained carpet or simply one which hasn’t seen a professional cleaner in a long time, call 804 324 6471 and book your thorough and eco-friendly carpet cleaning service today.

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