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We here at Cleanpro Colonial in Chesterfield County, previously talked to you about how to remove odors in your home. Those lingering smells not only create an untidy environment, but they can also go unnoticed, as you spend most of your time living with them. However, there’s a smell that it’s so pungent and unpleasant that you can’t go unnoticed: cigarette smoke. If you are dealing with this situation, the following post contains an easy and natural way to get rid of this unwanted guest in your home.

Get Ready

Sunlight and improving the room airflow are the first step towards getting rid of that unpleasant cigarette odor, so make sure to open curtains, windows and doors. Cleaning the room thoroughly is also a good idea, and you shouldn’t forget to wash the walls with soapy water.


Baking soda is a powerful and natural deodorizer and your should have a few boxes ready to perform this chore. Sprinkle a fair amount of this chemical compound all over the room and allow it to sit for at least 24 hours. It’s important that nobody steps into the area where you perform this activity.  

Remove the Baking Soda

It’s important that your vacuum cleaner is in perfect condition, as you will be using it to remove the baking soda. Once you are done, check the area and look for any lingering odors. Remember that you can repeat this method as many times as you want, without damaging your carpet or affecting your indoor air quality. 

As spring starts, you definitely want to create a tidy environment in your home and you should include removing odors in your cleaning schedule. So don’t forget about this simple method before you spray air fresheners, as they are only a temporary solution to this problem. 

Carpet cleaning in Chesterfield County

In case you need extra help handling those stubborn odors and stains in your carpet, you can always count on CLEANPRO. There are many benefits to choosing our unique cleaning system, as it uses very little moisture to avoid leaving your carpet wet for days, which can lead to bacteria formation. Think about us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Chesterfield County. Call (804) 898-3363 to schedule a free estimate.

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