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It seems no matter how many rules we set or precautions we take, that some of our favorite upholstered pieces will get a stain or two eventually. Simply living in a home with upholstered furniture will do that. So then, what should be done when we start to notice that our fabrics are getting dingy, grimy, or are just plain stained? Colonial Cleanpro in Petersburg would like to help you with just that today, by sharing tips for keeping your upholstery clean and removing stains. 

Vacuum Regularly 

In order to help your upholstery to remain clean and looking new, be sure to vacuum it on a regular basis. This will remove general dirt from day to day life, and could also keep furniture from looking faded and old. 

Test Your Method

Whether there is a spill or you are attempting to clean an entire upholstered piece, remember the importance of testing your cleaning method on a part of the furniture that is the least conspicuous. Try cleaning the underside or the back, if you have no other options. In case the method you’ve chosen is not agreeable to your furniture fabric, you’ll know before using it on an area that is more readily visible. 

Blot, Don’t Soak

Remember not to completely soak any area of your furniture. There is padding underneath, protected by the fabric, but it should not get wet. The more liquid you add, the more chance you have of damaging the padding or stuffing of the piece. The best advice is to wet the furniture as little as possible and blot the affected area. Add more liquid if you need it, but start with little. 

Apply Soil Resistant Spray

If you’ve got fabric furniture in high traffic areas, especially those subject to children, shoes, or pets, you’ll want to apply a soil resistant spray to those fabrics. Your upholstery may already come with a resistant spray, if this is the case and you need to reapply, be sure you use one with the same base. For example, if you purchased your furniture and were told it had a scotchgard spray, you’ll want to replace it with more scotchgard. 

Now that your upholstered furniture is looking like new, you may look around and realize it’s time your carpets are cleaned as well. For whole room carpet cleaning jobs, we recommend hiring a professional. For carpet cleaning in Petersburg you can rely on us at Colonial Cleanpro. Be sure to give us a call, (804) 898-3363, and remember Don’t Just Steam Your Carpets, Clean Your Carpets.

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