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Professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least twice a year to provide your carpet’s fibers with the maintenance they requires and extend its lifespan -  this should be more often if you have children or pets. 

However, you shouldn’t settle for those companies that continue to use the same outdated methods only to deliver you poor results. For this reason, at Cleanpro in Petersburg, we created this post explaining some of the most important features of our unique system. 

Little Moisture

One of the best known problems of steam cleaning is that it leaves carpets wet for days, which sets the perfect conditions for bacteria and fungi to grow. At CLEANPRO, we resolved this problem by bringing together the sciences of of thermodynamics, kinetics, fluid mechanics, and economics. Our exclusive Ion Exchange Process will give you incredible results, using very little moisture which means your carpet dries in 1-2 hours!


Sure, there are other systems that also promise great results. However, they use methods that leave residue and affect your indoor air quality which can be harmful for your pets and children. 


In fact, we are so confident about our exclusive system that we challenge our competitors to outperform us under the following conditions: the cleaning method should be environmentally safe, dry in 1-2 hours, leave no residue and shouldn’t affect indoor air quality. No one has beaten our challenge yet!

These are just a few advantages CLEANPRO has over traditional methods. Don’t forget to read this post containing a few ideas to remove common stains from your carpet to help keep your carpet in top shape. 

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