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Carpets are a great way to floor your home, but they can also be a hotbed for mold growth. To prevent this from happening to your carpets, this article has some tips to help. As designer as floorboards may feel or as clean as tiles may look, nothing compares to the comfort and warm feeling that comes from walking on carpets. As soon as you step on the carpet inside a home you immediately feel more comfortable and welcomed. As nice as carpets are, however, if they are not properly cared for they can become a serious cause of mold growth and its associated problems in your home. Colonial Cleanpro knows just how important it is to keep your carpets fresh and clean to avoid such situations and has the following post to share with tips that can help you maintain fresh and clean carpets all year round!

It Can't Cause Damage If It Can't Get In!

Family members and guests walking in water and debris from the outdoors is the easiest way to get water onto your carpet and encourage mold growth. The reason why this is a potent method is that the act goes unnoticed. For example, when somebody comes in from the rain you are quick to do what you can to get them dry. You aren’t thinking about or realizing that most of the water they are shedding is being soaked up by your carpet. Of course, once it hits your carpet, you and your guests proceed to push it down to the root of your carpet fibers where it sits in a dark environment. As you likely know, this is the perfect environment for mold to grow. The best way to stop this water from entering your carpet is to stop it from entering your home. Consider utilizing a shoe rack, outdoor jacket hooks, or a small closet where family and guests can leave their wet or dirty clothes and shoes prior to entering your home. A small mat can also work well inside your home at the door to catch any leftover debris.

Does It Feel Muggy?

If you live in a humid climate or your home is designed in a way that it retains heat, then the chances are that your carpet is sitting there soaking up the excess moisture in the air. If you are in the position, consider purchasing and using a dehumidifier. These work by extracting a set amount of moisture from the air and expelling the treated and drier air. As effective as these are, they work best in a confined space, such as a closed off living room. If you aren’t in the position to use a dehumidifier, then don’t discount the effectiveness of your fans! Whether it’s a ceiling fan, standing fan, or a small floor fan, once the sun goes down and the peak heat period of the day is over, open up a strategic number of doors and windows, put the fans in place, and get the air moving. To keep your carpets looking clean and fresh, speak with Colonial Cleanpro by calling 804 324 6471 to book your next professional carpet cleaning in Prince George County. By utilizing a unique and proprietary cleaning method, Colonial Cleanpro can have your carpets looking their best within a matter of hours and ready to walk on in just a few more!

What's the Hold-Up?

The longer that you leave a spill on your carpet, the longer it has to cause a stain, and the longer it has to make its way right down to the underlay of your carpet where it can start to cause some serious damage. As soon as you see a stain or a spill occur, get to work straight away to clean it up. However, when you are cleaning, it’s important that you don’t use the quick ‘pat and leave’ method where you simply touch it gently with a cloth until the area feels dry. Instead, give it a solid cleaning and dry the area thoroughly to remove any remnants of the liquid of cleaning solution.

Don't Remember the Days

The good old days were times when gas was affordable and you could leave your front door unlocked. They were not the days when you had your carpet steam cleaned. You remember, right? A cleaner would come to your home with huge tubes and connectors. While the method is called steam cleaning, the equipment used would actually soak your carpet in water and cleaning solution to remove stains and pollutants. Once they were finished, you were left with carpets that you weren’t allowed to walk on for a number of days until they had dried. Was the above method effective at removing stains? Yes. Was it the only real method available? Yes. Did it also do the one thing that each tip in this article advises you against doing? Yes! The least amount of water you can use to clean your carpets, the better! When it comes time for stain removal from your carpets or they are due to be freshened up, look for alternative cleaning options that don’t soak your carpet.

When It Comes Time for Your Next Carpet Cleaning in Prince George County, Colonial Cleanpro Are the Ones to Call

It is important for all homeowners to maintain a regular vacuuming schedule, however, there will always be times when you need to freshen up your carpets to keep them healthy and extend their lifespan.  For these times, give Colonial Cleanpro a call at 804 324 6471 and book an appointment that's convenient for you.

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