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Whether you are building a property from scratch or you are looking to renovate your current home into something a little more modern and personal, there’s nothing quite like designing your own living space. However, as any homeowner who has been through the process before will tell you, it isn’t all color palettes and paintbrushes.

What to Consider When Choosing a Carpet

Underneath every color decision is a decision based on practicality, which is exactly what this post from Colonial Cleanpro can help you with.

Your Budget

Like most decisions you will make while you are designing or renovating a home, how much your budget allows for is going to be the first question you ask yourself.

When setting aside a flooring budget, remember that the actual carpet is only part of the cost associated with it. Speak with a few local carpet suppliers and gather the average price for fixed items such as:
  • Removing your old carpet
  • Cleaning the floor before installation
  • Installing your underlay
  • Laying the new carpet
  • Disposing of your old carpet
Once you have accommodated for these items, what you have left over can be considered your actual carpeting budget.


You may have noticed underlay mentioned as part of the installation process. Given that it is unseen, some homeowners choose the cheapest option available. While this can get the job done, the type of underlay you choose can determine how much you enjoy your carpet.

As an example, a thicker underlay can add a cloud-like feeling to your carpet as you walk while also reducing the prevalence of footsteps on the ceiling of the room below.

If a thinner high-quality underlay were to be used, however, walking without shoes would have a comfortable yet more secure feeling. Depending on the brand of underlay, this could also result in or reduce footsteps being heard below.

Carpets are great for giving a house a homely feel and can provide great comfort as you walk, however, they can also become dirty and appear worn very quickly if not treated well. For regular professional carpet cleaning, speak with Colonial Cleanpro at 804 324 6471 about how the ION Exchange based cleaning system can keep your carpet looking and feeling its best.

Regular Use

With your underlay taken care of, it’s time to think about carpet use. How much foot traffic each room and area will see is going to play a large role in determining which type of carpet you choose.

If you have children who seem to bring in every piece of dirt they can find into your home on their shoes; or a spouse who insists on hosting game-day parties but can’t seem to keep their drink in their hands, then a short haired durable carpet may be your best choice.

If, on the other (very luxurious) hand, you are looking to carpet a room which will only see occasional use, or you are very strict with your rules and don’t expect to do much cleaning, softer, long-haired carpets are an option which becomes available.

Remember that carpeting your floor is not a task you undertake often. Consider the actual real-world use that you expect the carpet to see and choose a carpet which can live up to the task long-term.


While professional cleaning is a task best left to services like Cleanpro, regular cleans and on-the-spot stain removal are going to be your task.

For homeowners with little time to perform regular cleaning, long haired carpets can pose a problem as they easily hide and collect dirt and moisture at the root of the fiber. Over time this can build up to cause mold growth.

When researching your carpet options, pay close attention to the cleaning requirement or expectations listed by the manufacturer. If you feel that a certain carpet will require more upkeep to look good than you can provide, it is best to choose one which you can comfortably keep looking its best.

Choose a Style That Suits You and Keep It Looking Good with Carpet Cleaning in Richmond

Once you have all of the practical considerations out of the way, it’s time to let your creative streak take over and find a carpet which boasts the feel and look that reflects your style and your home.

Once your new carpet has been installed, keep it looking its best with regular professional cleaning. Speak with Colonial Cleanpro at 804 324 6471 about how Cleanpro’s ION exchange cleaning system can remove stains and help carpets to look fresh while giving you the ability to walk on them within a few hours after being cleaned!

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