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Out of all the aspects of designing your home, choosing the perfect carpet is one of the most exciting. After all, you will see it and walk on it every day that you are in your home. The right choice can add life and excitement to a room, whereas the wrong choice can alter the perception of a space and even make a room look unappealing to enter.

What You Should Be Asking Yourself When Choosing a Carpet Color

To help you on your exciting journey toward home decoration, Colonial Cleanpro has some questions to ask yourself on your carpet-choosing path which can help guide your decision in a positive way.

Where Will It Be Placed?

The first question to ask yourself regards placement. As an example, Dora the Explorer themed carpet isn't going to look good in your entertaining area. Consider the area you are working with and look for something appropriate and something which also expresses your style.

Change the Atmosphere

The right carpet choice can change the entire feel of a room. Consider these points when considering what tone you want in your room:
  • If you have a large open space, dark colors project a more elegant mood.
    • This can be great for dining areas.
  • Colors from the brown and red palette are great for entertaining areas.
    • If you host parties in a separate room, these are good palettes to choose from.
  • Don't be afraid to go a little bright when it comes to children's rooms.
    • Your children's rooms are just that - theirs. Let them have a bit of a say in your decision and don't shy away from brighter colors that you may not love, but they enjoy and would be happy with.
The best way to create a nice atmosphere is to replicate somewhere you have already seen and like, such as an upmarket salon or an upbeat clothing store. Take a look at the flooring the next time you are there and use this as a base.

Time and Dedication

Both are needed when it comes to keeping carpets clean. Some carpets demand more than others purely because of their color. If you are prone to stains on your carpet or you are putting it in a room which will see a lot of foot traffic, consider darker tones which can give you more time between cleanings. On the other hand, if the room receives very little traffic and is mostly used to store memories or antiques, a lighter colored carpet can be a good choice without the concern of cleaning. Of course, cleaning can only do so much. The next time you are facing a stubborn stain or want to revitalize your carpets, speak with the best people in the business. Call Colonial Cleanpro today at 804 324 6471. By using eco-friendly cleaning products and a proprietary cleaning technique, Colonial Cleanpro can have your carpets looking their best in no time.

Sun Fade

Unless each room gets an equal amount of light every single day and does not have any furniture on it casting shadows, you are going to experience sun fade. The best idea is to accept it and plan for it. It is a good idea to consider installing lighter carpets in rooms where only half of the space receives sunlight. Darker carpets have the tendency to show the sun fade much easier and much sooner.

Speaking of Light

When visiting stores, remember that the warehouse lighting differs to that in your home. Take home samples to see how they will look under your own home lighting. Often a homeowner will choose a carpet that looks lighter in the warehouse but darker in their home because of low-light.

Will You Be Selling in the Near Future?

Do you know what home buyers want? A clean slate. They don't want outlandish patterns or bright and conflicting colors which they will later have to remove and replace. If you plan on selling your home in the foreseeable future, stick with general colors and minimal patterns around your home. This will make your property much more appealing to buyers looking to inject their own personality into the home.

No Matter the Color, Speak with the Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Chesterfield County

Speak with Colonial Cleanpro by calling 804 324 6471 and book your appointment. By utilizing the proprietary Cleanpro carpet cleaning system and a purpose designed cleaning solution, Colonial Cleanpro can remove stains and bring your carpets back to life, while allowing you to walk on them mere hours afterward.

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