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A Quick List for Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right carpets there are are number of things that you should consider depending on your needs. Colonial Cleanpro in Petersburg  has put together a list of the most common factors that carpet buyers encounter.

Let's Start at the Bottom - Literally

Before you look for a new carpet, look at your floor and consider the benefits of carpet padding. Carpet padding gives your carpet a smooth and consistent foundation to lay your new carpet on. Consider the amount of traffic each area of your home will encounter and be sure to choose a respective layer of padding.

What Stains Can You Expect to Clean From It?

While the last thing you want to think about when buying a new carpet is stains, it's important to know what kinds of stains you can expect to know how much maintenance you are willing to put in. If you choose a soft and long haired carpet for areas close to likely food spills then you may find yourself cleaning your carpet more often than you would like.

Try It out at Home

How a carpet looks in  a showroom is one thing; how it looks in your home is quite another. Get a sizeable sample size of each carpet you are considering and take it home for a few days. Place it in a mainstream position and see how each one holds up. Additionally, this can give you early signs if you or your pets may be allergic to a chosen carpet.

Carpet Cleaning in Petersburg

Of course, once you have your perfect carpet, spills and stains are going to happen. And while there are many that you can easily remove, there are many you can't. When the time comes, look for a service that can utilize experience and professional grade equipment. Speak with Colonial Cleanpro on (804) 898 3363 and learn about how the CleanPro System can clean and care for your carpets.

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