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When it comes to carpet maintenance, the first thought that comes to mind is always preventing and removing stains. And with good reason. Stains are unsightly and are a constant reminder of the state of your carpet. However, stains are not the only thing which can affect the quality and the appearance of your carpet.

Keep Your Carpets From From Mold

Usually seen on your bathroom walls or under your kitchen benches in dark spaces, mold can easily and quickly grow in your carpet. The challenge when this occurs, however, is that the growth often isn't seen until the patch has become large and begun to cause serious damage. For this post, the local leaders at providing carpet cleaning in Prince George County, Colonial Cleanpro, has some easy to follow tips to prevent mold from growing in your carpet.

Prevent Water and Debris From Entering Your Home

The best place to start is with a simple doormat. More than just for aesthetics, outdoor and indoor mats provide guests with a place to remove any excess water or debris which would have otherwise made its way into your carpet. When this happens, mold is provided with the perfect environment to grow - a dark and damp space at the root of your carpet fiber. To further prevent outside moisture and debris from entering your home, consider a small outdoor shoe rack where guests can leave their shoes before coming inside.

Control the Humidity Inside Your Home

High levels of humidity inside your home can encourage mold growth in your carpet due to the increase in air moisture levels. If you have one, utilize a dehumidifier when the weather heats up, and it begins to get stuffy in your home. If you don't have a dehumidifier, do your best to keep your home open and air flowing through it. A great tip to follow is always to ensure windows are open in your kitchen and laundry when cooking and washing. Steam buildup from your cooker or dryer can drastically increase the humidity inside your home and can spell disaster for your carpets. If you notice stains on your carpet, speak with a carpet cleaning professional at Colonial Cleanpro by calling 804 324 6471. By providing a high-quality carpet cleaning service in your home, Colonial Cleanpro can remove heavy stains from your carpet.

Act Quickly and Thoroughly When Spill Occur

If you notice that liquid has spilled on your carpet, whether it be wine, soda, or plain water, be sure that you tend to it immediately. The longer you leave any liquid to soak into your carpet, the more likely it is that mold will grow. If you see a spill, not only should you wipe it away immediately, but ensure that you are doing a thorough job. It may take an extra two minutes and some extra paper towels to soak up the liquid in its entirety, but the benefits will speak for themselves in reduced mold growth and staining.

Consider Removing Carpet in Certain Areas

Carpet is a versatile and an excellent choice for flooring, however, in places which see high levels of moisture and humidity such as a bathroom or laundry, it isn't always the best choice. If you notice recurring patches of mold growing in the space place, consider the surrounding environment and whether an alternative flooring would be suited for that patch of floor.

Avoid Wet Cleans

When homeowners encounter a stain which they are not able to remove themselves with DIY type methods, the next option sought is to hire a supermarket cleaning machine. While these machines may be able to remove a stain, they do so by soaking your carpet in water. Not only does this leave you unable to walk across your carpet for a number of days, but the longer that the moisture takes to dry, the more likely that mold will be provided with the perfect space to grow.

Professional and Safe Carpet Cleaning in Prince George County

If you find yourself up against a stain which you just can't remove, avoid hiring a traditional cleaning machine or service. To remove the stain without damaging your carpet or creating an environment for mold growth, speak with Colonial Cleanpro at 804 324 6471 and ask about the ION exchange carpet cleaning system. With the ION exchange carpet cleaning system, a purpose designed carpet cleaning solution removes stains and cleans carpets without leaving behind residue. This means that instead of leaving your carpet to dry for two days before walking on them, your carpets are ready in around two hours.

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