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From leaving the doors and windows open to reduce humidity to bringing in environmental debris on shoes, there are a number of reasons why the air in your home contains pollutants. And while regular cleaning can often keep these from affecting your health or the air quality too much, if left too long, they can cause serious problems. 

Two of the main ways to keep these pollutants from causing trouble are carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. If you are interested in keeping the climate in your home clean, Colonial Cleanpro has a post which can help. 

Keep Your Carpets Free From Pollutants 

It is easy to assume that keeping your carpets free of pollutants and allergens is as easy as running your vacuum cleaner over it a couple of times a month. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. The following ideas can help you get a cleaner carpet out of your vacuuming time: 

Vacuum Regularly 

Maintaining a regular weekly cleaning schedule prevents pollutant build-up and keeps it from affecting the air in your home. It also prevents moisture from collecting at the root of your carpet, creating the perfect environment for mold growth. 

Use the Right Attachment

Instead of trying to reach the corners and walls with the general rectangle shaped attachment, use the accessories which were included in the box. This will ensure you remove as many pollutants from the creases and corners or your carpets.

Plan a Strategy 

Instead of walking into a room, moving the vacuum cleaner over the carpet a few times and then walking back out, create a plan which ensures you give each section of carpet attention and you don't walk more pollutants into the room as you clean. If you have ever seen a cartoon where a character paints himself into a corner, that would be a general image. 

Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Clean 

If your vacuum cleaner is full of dust, then it won't be able to do its job. Before each use, make sure you empty the catchment area. To prevent reintroducing pollutants into your home, be sure to empty your vacuum cleaner outside. If you come across a stain which you aren't able to remove with general carpet cleaning methods, it's time to call in professional help. Speak with Colonial Cleanpro at (804) 324 6471 and ask about how the Cleanpro ION exchange carpet cleaning system can remove pollutants and stains from your carpet. 

Keep Your Upholstery Clean 

Upholstered items are often overlooked when it comes to finding and removing pollutants from your home, however, being covered in fabric means they can often post just as much risk for attracting pollutants as is present with your carpets. 

The biggest culprit is going to be your couch for two reasons. 

The first will be the allergens which are walked inside your home on shoes and then rubbed all over the couch. While stains will be visible, small instances of pollen and similar can go unnoticed and fall between each cushion. 

The best way to prevent these pollutants from spreading on your couch and cushions is to consider a shoe-free home. With this rule in place, member and guests would leave their shoes at the door. If this isn't the type of house that would suit you, do your best to keep family and guests from putting their shoes on the couch. 

The second reason is mold growth behind your couch cushions as a result of a spill which wasn't cleaned and dried sufficiently. When moisture is left in a dark space, it invites mold growth, which can negatively affect the quality of air in your home. 

To prevent instances of mold growth in your cushions, always clean and dry any spills thoroughly. If possible, remove the cover from any cushions which have become wet and hang it out to dry outside until it is completely dry. If any internal cushioning has become wet, lay it out on a tray and place it in the sun, out of the breeze. 

On top of these preventative measures, be sure to include vacuuming your couch and cushions during your regular carpet cleaning.

Professional Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning in Petersburg

If you are dealing with a stain which regular cleaning methods won't remove, or you are just interested in keeping your carpets and upholstered items fresh, be sure to have your carpets and furniture professionally cleaned often. 

Speak with Colonial Cleanpro at (804) 324 6471 about the Cleanpro ION Exchange carpet cleaning system, and how it can provide a thorough clean to your carpets while leaving them ready to walk on within a matter of hours.

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