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Reduce Pet Odors in Your Home

Our pets are the best but they can stink. No need to board up the house and flee to escape pet odors. Colonial Cleanpro is here with some tips to reduce Fido and Felix fumes in your house.

Bathe Your Pet Regularly

At least once a week, take a trip to the groomer for a bath or do-it-yourself.  Be sure to use a mild soap, like baby shampoo, so that your pet's skin does not get dry. Many baby shampoos have a light scent as well. Waterless pet mousse is a great for in between baths. Be sure to look for a mousse with "odor remover" on the label and with no alcohol. Itchy, dry and flaky skin on your pet may cause additional odors and discomfort for your furry friend.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your home thoroughly and regularly can drastically reduce pet odors. Mopping floors, removing dust and hair, and sterilizing food areas on a biweekly basis will help to avoid heavy pet odors.

Spray It

When you smell your pet, spray the area you are in. Make sure to purchase a pet-friendly product and never spray your pet directly.

Kitty Care

If you have an indoor cat or cats, empty the litter pans regularly. This will reduce odors and discourage your pet from going in areas outside the litter box. Cats do not like waste and will "take care of business" in an area other than the litter box if they deem it "too dirty". Cleaning the litter box at least twice a day and completely emptying and cleaning it once a week should do the trick.

Fresh Air

As often as possible, open windows and doors (make sure your pet can't escape). If possible, turn fans on to help the air circulate threw the house and get the odors out! Regularly washing and cleaning your home and pet areas will help to reduce pet odors. To eliminate pet odors, contact Steven Harris of Colonial Cleanpro at 804-898-3363. Colonial CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning System is a revolutionary breakthrough using the Ion Exchange process. Colonial Cleanpro is veteran owned and operated, proudly serving the Ft Lee community. Contact Colonial Cleanpro today for a free consultation at 804-898-3363.

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