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Are you struggling to fit all of your vacuuming into your regular schedule? This article has some tips to maximize your cleaning time! If it seems like your daily schedule is filling up so quickly and with so many tasks and errands that it is difficult to find the time to complete your basic cleaning tasks, then you aren’t alone. As our modern lives become busier, more and more homeowners find it hard to get their vacuuming done efficiently and thoroughly.

Don't Waste Your Precious Cleaning Time

Alongside regular professional cleanings, keeping your carpets fresh with vacuuming is an important task to undertake. To help you make the most of the vacuuming time you have, Colonial Cleanpro has the following tips to share.

Do Your Vacuuming Last

The first tip comes in the form of not doing your vacuuming. Well, waiting for the last time to do it, at least. The reason for this is because as you complete other chores on your list you are sure to move and dislodge dust, dirt, and debris which will end up on your carpet. If you do your vacuuming before you complete these other chores, then you're making your carpets dirty almost immediately after cleaning them! Instead, plan to do your cleaning right before you leave the house or right at the end of your cleaning schedule so that you can clean up as much as possible and get the most life out of your clean carpets.

Don't Use Your Vacuum Cleaner as a Spot Cleaner

There is only so much suction that your carpet fibers can take before they start to break down and show signs of wear. For this reason, it’s important that you don’t focus too much on a particular area of your carpet. If you can see a stain which won’t come out after three passes of your vacuum cleaner then move on to the rest of your cleaning and come back and clean it manually and thoroughly. Along with saving you wasted time running your cleaner over the area without results, it can also cause premature aging for your carpet in localized spots. If you have come across a stain which your vacuum cleaner simply won’t lift or remove, then it’s time to call in the professional. Speak with a friendly expert at Colonial Cleanpro by calling 804 324 6471. Using their proprietary ION exchange cleaning method, Colonial Cleanpro can not only bring your carpets back to life and help extend their lifespan but have them ready for you to walk on in a matter of hours!

Empty the Bag

The first tip to improve your vacuuming is to empty the bag. Be sure that you empty the bag each time that you finish your vacuuming. The reason for this is to improve the suction ability of your vacuum cleaner. The fuller the bag becomes, the less suction your vacuum cleaner is able to produce until it reaches a point where you are simply waving the vacuum cleaner over your carpet without realizing what you are doing. Or not doing! If the reason you use your vacuum cleaner in this way is recurring spills like dry cereal or even chips and candy, then consider a small dust buster type vacuum cleaner which can remove these spills without pulling on your carpet fibers.

The Right Tool for the Right Task

It’s time to make your way into your attic to get the package of vacuum accessories that you stored up there almost immediately after taking the cleaner out of the box. While they may seem superfluous, each of these attachments performs a very important role which can help you minimize your cleaning time. The long flat rod, for example, is the best way to get between heavy pieces of furniture without having to constantly shift each item away and then back again. Of course, when you are inspecting these items, don’t be afraid to use them for a purpose other than directed in the owner’s manual. For example, the same attachment mentioned above which you use to reach between furniture items can also be used to reach the ceiling to clear cobwebs, or to reach deep into your couch cushions and crevices.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Dinwiddie County

When it comes to keeping your carpets looking their best in between your regular professional cleaning services, these tips can help. If you are due for your next scheduled cleaning or you are struggling with a stain and want to take out your revenge, give Colonial Cleanpro a call at 804 324 6471 to learn about how their ION Exchange carpet cleaning method can have your carpets looking like new again and ready to be walked on soon after!

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