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At Cleanpro our clients know that we use non-toxic materials to ensure that your carpet is clean and your family remains safe, not ingesting any hazardous materials. It is important to us to use a green method, in order to ensure maximum safety and cleanliness. Likewise, when you are taking care of minor carpet stains and spills you’ll want to use a method that is nontoxic for your family. There are several materials and methods you can use in your home on minor carpet stains, and Colonial Cleanpro would love to share some of those options with you today. 

Prepare Your List

Here are some of the materials you’ll find in natural carpet cleaners, and some of their uses: 
  • White Vinegar is great for removing grease, mildew, and odors from carpet
  • Baking Soda will help to remove odors and clean stains
  • Cornstarch helps to remove salty and greasy materials from carpet
  • Essential Oils, especially citrus, are good additives to solvents you make at home, to help keep the carpet smelling fresh

Making Your Own Carpet Cleaner

Using a combination of the natural home cleaning products listed above, you’ll be able to make a great carpet cleaning solution. This will help you to remove stains, especially those which have yet to completely set in. It’s important to remember to allow the stain to dry naturally prior to working on it. 
  • Using white vinegar and water, in equal parts, fill a spray bottle
  • Spray the stain directly and allow it to sit
  • Taking a sponge or rag, use warm soapy water and blot the stained area

For a more serious carpet cleaning of set in stains, you can try the following: 
  • Combine ¼ cup of salt, borax, and white vinegar
  • Make into a paste and rub paste into the carpet fibers
  • You’ll see the paste begin to dry, but leave it for a few hours
  • While letting the paste dry, check out some of our tips for cleaning wooden surfaces
  • Once the paste is completely dry, vacuum

While these are some great options to getting out minor stains in your carpet, and even some that are slightly set in, there is no replacement for an excellent, professional carpet cleaning. If you think your carpet has reached that point, for carpet cleaning in Petersburg, contact Colonial Cleanpro at (804) 898-3363. Don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets.

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