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How to Protect Your Home from Common, Yet Accidental Spills and Stains

Whether your kids are just being kids, or your partner is…also acting like your kids?! Accidental stains are going to happen around your home. Colonial Cleanpro is all too aware of these stains, and has put together some quick ways to help protect your carpet and home.

Crayon and Marker on the Carpet? AGAIN!?

This one is right up there on the list or reoccurring stains that comes with an easy fix - create a dedicated space. Either outside or inside on a tiled or laminated floor, create a small work station as a dedicated space for your kids to be creative and make a mess without ruining your freshly cleaned carpets. If your kids seem hesitant to move their mess outside, consider small rewards such as a family movie night if they can keep their bedroom carpets clean for a week.

I Don't Remember Soaking My Carpets in Mud

Maybe it wasn’t you, but it might have been your partners sports friends coming home after a game to unwind. Instead of making them stay out on your front yard, set up a small ‘sports shoe station’ near your entrance on the days they generally come over. Include a fresh pair of socks for each of the team members to change into when they arrive and before you know it you don’t even remember what a mud stain looks like.

Okay - Maybe I Do Remember Where That Wine Stain Came From

Sometimes it isn’t always your family that creates a mess, and that’s okay - it’s your carpet! But don’t let your own entertaining get in the way of fresh carpets. If you enjoy hosting your friends for dinner or a games night, do the unthinkable and keep your wine glasses filled low to avoid spills from your more animated or story telling friends. Alternatively, consider buying bigger glasses (don’t fill them!) to hold a regular amount of wine each time, but giving more room for it to move as you do.

Carpet Cleaning in Petersburg

These are just some of the easy ways to protect your carpets, but accidents will always happen. After you have tried your best to remove any stains, give the professionals a call to bring your carpets back up to new. Colonial Cleanpro not only has expertise knowledge, but professional grade equipment to get your carpets looking fresh. Give us a call on (804) 898 3363 and ask about the CleanPro system and how it can make your carpets look and feel like new again.

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