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When you’ve got wall to wall carpet in your home and you’ve noticed that you’ve got mold growing on it, you will soon find that it is extremely difficult to successfully remove the mold. Unfortunately, most experts will agree that the only way to rid your carpet of mold is by removing it and replacing it. However, there is a solution, if you’re willing to put in a bit of extra work. Though we wouldn’t recommend attempting to remove mold from wall to wall carpeting, Colonial Cleanpro would like to give you some tips on how to replace or patch parts of your carpet. 

The first step in replacing an area of carpet is to find a piece to replace it with. If you have carpet left over from the installation, that is obviously your first choice. However, if that’s not possible, perhaps find a piece of carpet in a closet. You can replace the carpet in the closet with another carpet if you should desire, but the fact that it does not match completely won’t be as big of a deal as perhaps having an unmatching piece in the middle of your living room, for example. 

After you’ve located a piece of carpet to replace the damaged area, remember that you’ll likely also need to replace the padding. This is especially true if you are replacing an area of carpet because of mold. Mold will have very likely gotten through to the padding. 

Now that you’ve gotten the repair piece ready, make sure that you indicate the direction the carpet fibersare going so you will replace them in the same direction once you are putting the piece in the affected area. 

To help the carpet stay more firmly in its new location, you can use a piece of heavy fabric, cut at least an inch longer on all sides, than the carpet being replaced. You can lift the carpet, after having cut out the patch of old carpet, and place the fabric underneath the carpet, tucking it in. Keep it from slipping by applying carpet glue to the edges of the fabric and sticking it to the underside of the carpet. 

Next, put in the replacement piece and attach it with carpet adhesive. Ruffle the edges so that the fibers begin to blend together and let it sit overnight. Vacuum the next day and all should be well with your replaced carpet piece. 

Remember that when you look down and see a few stains here and there on your carpet, or are having troubles with carpet related allergies it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to replace your carpet altogether. You may simply need the benefit of a professional carpet cleaning like the one Colonial Cleanpro can provide for you. For carpet cleaning in Chesterfield County, be sure to contact us at (804) 898 3363.

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