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It may sometimes seem impossible, but pets and carpeting can in fact live together in harmony. Colonial Cleanpro in Chesterfield County would like to offer a few suggestions to help you keep your beautiful carpet clean and your furry friends happy.

Vacuum regularly

Removing pet hair can be a nuisance; investing in a vacuum cleaner built specifically to deal with pets can help, but if this isn’t an option then try brushing upholstery and carpeting before vacuuming to help pick up extra hair. Regularly vacuuming will remove the dust and dirt that can build up between your carpet’s fibers, damaging it over time.

Clean stains immediately

Allowing spills and stains to stand on your carpet is a surefire way for them to become a permanent problem. Act quickly when you notice any mishap and follow this guide to remove common stains. Pets can cause nastier stains than your usual food and drink spills, but even urine stains can usually be removed with a mix of equal parts water and white vinegar applied to the stain and blotted up with a clean cloth. If your pet vomits on your carpeting, remove any excess from the stain and then liberally coat the area with baking powder. Pour lemon juice onto the powder and it will begin to fizz; blot this mixture up with a clean cloth, leave it to dry, and then vacuum the area thoroughly. You may have to repeat these steps to completely remove the stain.

Clean your pets’ paws

Keeping your pets’ paws clean can really help to limit the amount of dirt they walk onto your carpet. It’s wise to keep some old towels near your front door so you can wipe dogs’ paws after a walk and to place mats by any cat flaps to help keep cats’ paws clean.

Clean your pets regularly

Dogs need to be bathed at least once a fortnight if not more, especially if they are long- or shaggy-haired breeds. Cats are a little more independent, so many owners mistakenly believe they don’t need to wash them, but bathing them every so often can really cut down on the dirt and dust they walk through your home. Brushing pets often is a useful way to reduce the amount of pet hair they leave around the house, too.

Recruit expert help

If your pet has left a stain you can’t tackle alone, or if you feel your carpets or upholstery could benefit from some professional care, don’t hesitate to contact Colonial Cleanpro. It’s recommended that you have your carpets deep-cleaned once every six months to maximize their life span. Call (804) 898 3363 next time you require carpet cleaning in Chesterfield County.

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