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When it comes to a party or a large gathering, the most common hesitation held by homeowners to host is the possibility of general house and carpet stains. And with good reason. While guests attempt to be courteous and careful, accidents can happen. However, this doesn't need to prevent you from enjoying hosting at your home.

How to Prevent Carpet Stains Caused by Hosting a Party

If you are a homeowner and like the idea of hosting a party, however also like the idea of clean carpets free of permanent stains, Colonial Cleanpro has prepared a post with some ideas to help you prepare for the occasion.

Start at the Front Door

While you may prefer that guests take their shoes off as they enter your home, when it comes to a large gathering, it may not be appropriate. For these situations, the best idea is to employ two doormats at each entry point to your home. At the exterior, place a rough mat where guests can stomp or scrape their shoes to remove the majority of any dirt and debris. Inside your home, place another, softer mat. The second softer mat services two purposes.
  1. It provides a secondary catchment area for any remaining dirt left on shoes.
  2. It makes your guests' actual entry into your home more inviting.

Remove Precious Rugs

Entertaining your guests is a balancing act between displaying your items to show off and ensuring that none of them get damaged or broken. If you have expensive rugs, especially large pile shag rugs, it is a good idea to place them in rooms where guests won't be entering. If you have any spare rugs, now would be the time to bring them out. Additionally, look at hiring a few heavy duty rugs from a furniture rental store which you can place at high-traffic points, such as throughout your hallways. If you are looking to impress your guests, however, your carpets have seen better days, it's a good idea to arrange professional carpet cleaning in Chesterfield County before the event. Speak with Colonial Cleanpro at 804 324 6471 and ask about the CleanPro ION exchange carpet cleaning system. By using this method, you can have your carpets cleaned and looking their best in the morning, with your carpets ready to be walked on within hours for the event the same day.

Choose Your Food Wisely

You are likely to serve finger food which generally comes with sauces, and that's where your problems can start. Instead, opt to serve food that doesn't require a dipping sauce. Additionally, choose small bite size pieces and place them on trays in the kitchen. Doing this can encourage guests to take a few pieces in the kitchen, eat them while they make small talk before returning to your carpeted areas. You can further encourage this by not offering plates to take food away from the kitchen. If possible, keep the drinks that you serve in a bottle. People tend to spill their bottled drinks less than drinks in glasses. If there is a small bump against somebody's elbow, a bottle is more likely to hold the liquid.

Remove Obstacles

While guests mean well, sometimes, clumsiness happens because of furniture that is low to the ground. If you have small tables in your home that are on your carpets, consider removing them. Not only does this remove instances where people can trip over and drop their food or drink, but it limits the amount of space where people can place their drinks. If a drink is placed on a small table and knocked over as somebody walks past, it is unlikely to be noticed immediately, leaving sufficient time for a stain to occur.

Just in Case

If food or drink does spill on your carpet, the faster you can act, the less likely you are to be left with a stain. Before your guests arrive, create discreet 'supply stations' around your home with paper towels, club soda, and a spot cleaner. If you (or your guests) can access cleaning supplies as soon as a spill occurs, your chances are higher that you can remove it before a stain occurs.

A High-Quality and Green Carpet Cleaning System in Chesterfield County

If, despite all of your best efforts, you are left with stains on your carpet which you can't remove, don't despair. While you may not be able to remove them yourself, a professional can. Speak with Colonial Cleanpro at 804 324 6471 to make a professional carpet cleaning booking. With the use of ION technology, gone are the days where you needed to wait for a few days before your carpets were ready to be walked on. With Cleanpro's advanced carpet cleaning system, your carpets will be returned to a clean state and ready for regular use in around 2 hours.

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