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Dust is probably one of the worst things ever: it builds up easily, you can never get rid of it on its entirety, it’s everywhere, it has microbes in it, and it can affect your health. Moreover, it can be detrimental to your precious carpeted floors. Still, there are ways in which you can keep it from becoming a problem on your flooring. If you’d like to know a few tips on how to prevent dust buildup on your carpet, continue reading!

How to Prevent Dust Buildup on Your Carpet

  1. It may seem a bit weird, but a lot of people do this to keep dirt away from their floors: create a “no shoes” rule in your home. By asking guests to remove their shoes as they enter, you’ll avoid all of the gunk and bacteria from outside.
  2. Consistency is crucial if you want to keep your carpets from becoming a dust field. This is why you should have a cleaning schedule for them. Make sure to vacuum them a couple of times a week to keep them clean and free from harm.
  3. When the time to go through the carpet comes around, make it a point to vacuum them thoroughly. This means going over the same spot slowly and in different directions to remove as much dust as possible.
  4. As you may have noticed, there are some areas in your home that get more use than others. Protect the carpet in those high-traffic zones by laying a nice rug or mat over them (which are a lot easier to wash).
  5. Lastly, remember to have a professional team deep clean your carpet at least once a year. This will strip them from any gunk, stains, or smell that may have lingered on.

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