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Your carpet is a great feature of your home; it provides you with incredible comfort, keeps you warm during the cold seasons, reduces noise and overall creates a unbeatable environment. 

However your carpet is exposed to daily use which will eventually lead to wear, giving an untidy look to your home. If you are currently wondering whether you should change your carpet or not, Colonial Cleanpro in Petersburg would like to tell you about some of the signs you should pay attention to before replacing your carpet. 


Most carpets are treated with an anti-stain solution, which can protect them for a while. Eventually this treatment will wear off, plus there are certain stains that aren’t covered by the warranty and that are very difficult to clean. 


Worn out padding will damage your carpet faster -  this pad is designed to absorb impacts and provides your carpet with the support it needs to withstand wear and tear. Selecting the right padding is important, so consider it while you are choosing your next carpet.  


Is your carpet over 20 years old? In that case, you should consider replacing it. Even high quality carpet fibers start to show issues like fading, wrinkles or crushing after 10 years. A new carpet will improve your indoor air quality and create that tidy environment you want in your home. 

Replacing your carpet is relatively expensive so regular maintenance such as vacuum cleaning is very important to extend your carpet’s life span; this also includes calling professional cleaners at least twice a year. This way you will remove built up grease, dust and other substances that damage your carpet. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Petersburg, think about Colonial Cleanpro - our unique system has many advantages our competitors will never match.

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