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Take Preventative Measures to Ensure You Have Cleaner Carpets

If you struggle to keep your carpets clean and tidy, Colonial Cleanpro has some tips that can help you protect your carpeting. Don't get discouraged by the state of your carpets, maintaining them at their best doesn't have to be hard work.

Create Barriers Between Your Carpet and the Outdoors

While spills and accidents are common culprits when it comes to carpet stains, oftentimes we don't notice the amount of stains caused by introducing outdoor elements into carpeting. The occurrence of dirt, water, and mud in minimal amounts may not be noticeable right away but over time these can cause serious issues for your carpet. To reduce the presence of these elements in your carpet, create barriers between your yard and your home's interior. One easy way to do this is by placing doormats at every entryway where your family and your guests can clean off their shoes before entering your home. This simple precaution can help greatly reduce the amount of stains in your carpet, but won't get rid of them completely. For better results, keep a shoe rack at the door where you can change out of your outdoor shoes and into special indoor shoes. You can have guests do the same, but only if they're comfortable doing so, of course.

Invest in the Proper Cleaning Tools

Vacuuming is an easy and effective way to remove stain causing agents, but keep in mind that not all vacuums offer the same results. If your vacuum is quite old, it may be time to invest in a newer model. You don't have to break the bank for a powerful vacuum since most newer models offer great suction and easy maneuverability that make vacuuming easy. No matter what model you decide on, be sure to vacuum at least a couple times a week using slow strokes for the best results. When it comes time to empty the canister or change the bag, take care of this outdoors to prevent having dust and debris from making its way back into your carpet.

Get Professional Help

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned may seem like a luxury or an act of desperation, but it is actually recommended for all carpet owners. Carpets should be treated by a carpet cleaning service at least twice a year to keep them in top shape. A professional will know how to remove stubborn carpet stains, pesky odors, and can even make your carpet look like new again. If your carpet is due for a professional cleaning, don't put it off any longer! Colonial Cleanpro can help get your carpets cleaner with their natural carpet cleaning system. Contact Colonial Cleanpro at (804)324-6471 for more information about their ion exchange process and all the other services they provide.

Get to Know Your Carpet and Its Needs

Not all carpets are made the same. Carpets may differ in things such as the materials they're made of, their pile type, and their pile height.  What this means in terms of maintenance is that carpet cleaning and care methods are not universal. If your carpet is new, take some time to read through the manufacturers care manual and get to know your carpet's specific needs. If you've had your carpet for awhile and don't remember where your manual is, head to your computer and start doing some research.

Be Prepared to Treat Stains

Before treating a stain on your carpet, be sure you know the right removal techniques. Most stains require quick action in order to prevent them from setting. When a stain happens, start by absorbing as much of the stain causing agent by blotting the area with a clean, dry washcloth. Start on the outside of the stain and work your way to the center. This will help prevent the stain from spreading further. Most stains can be treated using common household items, such as: water, vinegar, mild dish soap, and detergent. Never rub the stain as this type of motion can cause the stain to grow and can damage carpet fibers. Avoid soaking the area and instead dab small amounts of the cleaning agent onto the stain.

Set Rules for Every Carpeted Room

If your home has a lot of carpeting, it's best to set rules for each carpeted space. This will help reduce the occurrence of stains and keep your home looking pristine. Examples of rules include no eating in carpeted spaces, limiting pets to certain rooms, and removing shoes before stepping onto carpeted spaces.

Carpet Cleaning Service

If it's time for your next professional carpet cleaning, contact Colonial Cleanpro. Call them at (804)324-6471 to learn more about their natural carpet cleaning system and to schedule your next carpet cleaning.

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