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It comes as no surprise that providing your carpets with a regular deep and thorough clean is the best way to not only get them looking clean, but actually cleaning them. For the times in between, however, you may feel like there is nothing you can do to help keep your carpets looking their best. With this post, Colonial Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner has put together a list of top 10 carpet cleaning tips to help keep your carpets maintained in between the use of a professional carpet cleaning system.

What to Do in Between Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning in Hopewell

  1. Let's start with the first one you actually can do, and that's pre-treat. If have you placed new carpets in areas which you know are going to be spill or stain prone, consider giving your carpets a pre-treat before anybody has had a chance to walk on them in order to help give you a better chance when removing stains.
  2. When you read your cleaning bottle the first instruction is to test it on a small area. While it can be tempting to just assume it will work, giving a small area of your carpet a pre-test prior to carpet cleaning in Hopewell can be the big difference between a clean carpet and a large patch of discoloration because the chosen solution didn't agree with your carpets.
  3. Can you hear me? Maybe you have wax in your ears...or your carpet! Tip #3 comes in to save you from wax stuck to your carpets with a simple tip - heat. Take a cleaning towel and place it over the wax. Slowly increase the pressure from an iron over the towel. Once the wax is warmed, it is easier for you to remove.
  4. Which leads us to tip #4 - gum! Whist likely your children's favour, gum is potentially a parent's and carpet's worst enemy,  but it doesn't have to be. Head to the kitchen and take out an ice cube. Place it over the gum and freeze, freeze, freeze! As the gum begins to harden you will notice that it pulls right off your carpet!
  5. Now that we're talking about stains, how about when to act? NOW! If you have see a stain happening/happen, act quickly. If you're in the middle of doing 100 things at once, at the least throw a clean towel on it and soak up the excess, then give it a quick rinse with some clean water while you get ready for a proper clean.
    • Of course, sometimes stains happen, and try as you might, they just won't budge. for these times, a steam carpet cleaning system in Hopewell is required.  Give Colonial Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner a call on 804 898 3363 and ask about how our specialized Cleanpro System can not only remove stains from your carpets, but keep them clean right to the carpet fiber.
  6. Using a green carpet cleaning solution is the best way to remove a stain - as long as it's the right one. If you are considering using a non-carpet cleaning product on your carpet, do some research online first to see what the affects could be, or even better, don't use it! When carpet cleaning in Hopewell, it's always best to stick with a product designed specially for the use on carpets.
  7. Once you've got the right carpet cleaning solution, it's time to get cleaning. The best way to clean a stain is to start with gentle blotting motions. Never, and we say never, rub a carpet stain, even with solution, as this is the fastest way to further push the stain into your carpet and its fibers.  Always blot any areas gently with a clean towel.
  8. If you are working on a stain but after your attempt it just hasn't come out - try again, and again. Your carpets are pretty strong and can handle a few cleans, you just need  to put in the elbow grease to tackle the stain. Persistance is key when it comes to effective stain removal and carpet cleaning in Hopewell.
  9. The next tip comes in the form of what to do once you've removed the stain. Head to your doors and windows and if possible, open them all up. The more air flow and natural light that's allowed into the room and in turn the carpet, the quicker the carpet will dry. In addition to this, the increase in airflow better dries any moisture in the carpet fibers, preventing extensive mold damage underneath your carpet.
  10. Lastly, and certainly...lastly, rinse your carpets after a clean. A step often ignored, this is a great way to remove not only any residual cleaning solution, but any final minute instances of the stain.

A Green Carpet Cleaning System in Hopewell

Now that you've read the list it's time to print it and place it somewhere handy for when stains occur. If, however, you have found that one stain that, despite your best carpet cleaning efforts, you just accept isn't coming out, or if you are looking for an easy and fast-drying way to give your carpets a deep clean, call 804 898 3363 and speak with Colonial Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner about how our Cleanpro system can rejuvenate your carpets.

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