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There are some aspects that make it a home instead of just a house. Then there are other aspects that simply need to be replaced. This article has the top indicators that your carpet is one of them. Replacing your carpet is not a cheap task - well, not if you want to replace it with a good quality carpet. For this reason, many homeowners cling to their carpets a little longer than they should.

Does Your Carpet Need to Be Replaced?

While aesthetics are an important part of how your home looks, there are a number of reasons why you should replace your carpet sooner than you would like. From years of providing high-quality carpet services in Petersburg, Colonial Cleanpro has a top list of items to look out for.

A Constant Odor

There are some smells in your home that tell you that your kids and the family dog are home. There are smells that remind you of a special family event, and then there are smells that make your nose turn up. Those are the problem smells in your home, and many of them are caused by your carpet. If you dare, get close to your carpet and give it a smell. We'll let your nostrils tell you the rest. If you can smell a familiar odor, then it's time to replace your carpet.

A Stubborn Stain

What does a small wine stain behind the couch, an oil stain under the TV stand, and a marker stain under your kid's bed have in common? They can all be removed with professional carpet cleaning in Petersburg. That big, dark, and eye-catching mark in the middle of your living room or the stained trail along your hallway are another story! If you are looking at a large stain or even a number of stains that you weren't able to remove, it's time to replace your carpet. As much as it is a nice feeling to walk on new carpets, all homeowners aren't always in the position to replace their carpets. To help them stay fresh-looking for longer and get the most out of your carpet, speak with Colonial Cleanpro on 804 324 6471 about their ION exchange cleaning process and give your carpets new life.


Do you feel like you're sneezing more than often, and during times where regular allergens aren't a big problem? How about the quality of the air inside your home? Does it smell fresh? Allergens can easily make their way into your home and are pushed deep into your carpets. While regular professional carpet cleaning in Petersburg can remove these, if you have forgotten about your carpet cleaning for too long and pollutants have been constantly pushed into your carpet fiber, they can't always be removed. If you feel like your allergies are acting up more than you would expect, consider your carpet as one of the causes, and, if required, replace it.


Frayed carpet looks terrible. There, we said it. But it's more of a problem than pure aesthetics. As soon as one fiber comes loose it is easily picked up by people walking by and made larger and larger. Of course, once this happens it can prove to be a serious tripping hazard in your home along with providing a temptation for youngsters or pets to put it in their mouths.


Coming up with an A for padding isn't easy, but noticing that yours has seen better days, is.  If your carpets are frayed and you aren't bothered by the look, look closer! Specifically, look at your carpet padding! Once it has been exposed by carpet fraying away it can easily absorb moisture in the air and collect dirt and grime to provide the perfect environment for mold growth. If you can see your padding and it doesn't look too good - replace your carpet and your padding. Why not just your padding? If your padding has suffered from mold damage, then it's likely that it has also seeped through to the bottom of your carpet around it.

Hire the Best Carpet Cleaner in Petersburg

If you love the idea of replacing your carpets but simply can't afford it, Colonial Cleanpro can help! Call them today at 804 324 6471 and speak with a professional carpet cleaner in Petersburg about how the Cleanpro ION exchange cleaning system can bring your carpet back to life, remove stubborn stains, and clean out any stuck pollutants from your flooring. Utilizing very little fluid, your Cleanpro carpet cleaning professional can give you a clean carpet that you can walk on within hours, not days!

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