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It’s relatively easy to somehow neglect the care and maintenance that your vacuum cleaner requires, as we use it on a regular basis to keep our carpets in perfect condition. However, like most appliances, your machine needs some basic maintenance. For this reason at Cleanpro Colonial in Chesterfield County, we prepared the following post containing useful advice on this topic. 

Getting Ready

First and foremost, you should read the instruction manual to learn more about the specifications of your machine. Also, there are certain measures that you shouldn’t forget before using your appliance, and remember picking up small objects like coins, toys or socks that can get clogged in the hose and damage your machine. Also, your appliance should be inspected by a professional once every year.

Keep an Eye in the Bags

You should replace the bags before they reach their full capacity, in fact you should do it before they are half full. Otherwise your vacuum cleaner will become inefficient and it can also lead to overheating. Make sure to follow the directions in the manual and never wait until the bag indicator comes on. 

Replace the Filters 

Clogged filters can also make your appliance lose power. Keep in mind that reusable filters should be washed at least every three months. Also, check the brushroll and remove any hair, dirt or other debris that may accumulate in this area.  

These simple recommendations will boost your vacuum cleaner’s performance, expand its lifespan and even prevent repairs, so be sure to carry out these ideas frequently. Also, using the right technique can save you time and effort during your cleaning, so be sure to read our guide on vacuuming your carpeted floors efficiently. 

For Carpet Cleaning in Chesterfield County

Keeping your carpet in perfect condition requires that you call the professional cleaners at least twice a year. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Chesterfield County, you can trust CLEANPRO. Our exclusive system overcomes familiar problems with steam cleaning while staying environmentally safe. If you wish to schedule an estimate, please call (804) 898-3363.

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