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Throughout all types of lifestyles, when it comes to house and carpet cleaning, we all want to make sure that we are doing the very best we can with the increasingly limited time that we have. While there’s no doubt that a good steam carpet cleaning in Petersburg is the best way to bring your carpets back to life, regular vacuuming still holds true to keeping your carpet looking good and staying healthy.

Vacuuming Tips to Help With Your Carpet Cleaning in Petersburg

If you’re like many other people and want to take the best care of carpets with the time you have then keep reading. Colonial Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner has put together a few tips to not only help you clean your carpets faster, but better!

Stop Stressing About Stains When You Vacuum

One of the number one reasons that people spend too much time vacuuming is because they become overly focused on one particular stain or piece of their carpets, and try as they may, the stain just won’t come out. Not only is this the easiest way to lose precious cleaning time, it can also have a negative effect on the quality of your carpet and potentially cause discoloration. When you spend too much time on the one spot, the carpet fibers are going to age and deteriorate much quicker than those around them, leading to those patches of overly worn carpets that you can see in some people’s places, and potentially yours. On top of this, as the carpet ages it loses its colour, adding to carpet discoloration. Our tip - if you can’t get a stain out with two of three runs of the vacuum cleaner, it’s time to move on to the next piece of carpet. Some stains simply can’t be taken out with a regular vacuum and require stain removal or a professional steam carpet cleaning system in Petersburg  to get them out. Instead of focusing on the one area, speak with a professional about the type of stain that you’re dealing with and ask their advice on how to best remove it quickly and safely. A professional carpet cleaning service such as Colonial Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner, available at 804 898 3363, are able to utilize professional methods such as green carpet cleaning system in Petersburg to safely and effectively remove the stain, leaving you with a fresh carpet and a fresh start for your next vacuum.

Your Vacuum Cleaner Likely Came With Accessories - Don't Be Afraid to Use Them.

You may be surprised to find that when most people buy their vacuum cleaners they tend to pack the accessories that came with them away, figuring that they’ve been vacuuming for years and won’t need any fancy accessories to get their cleaning job done. However, the truth is that these accessories have been specially designed by their manufacturers to enable your vacuum cleaner to do a much better job than you may think it’s possible of doing. One of the best accessories that likely came with your vacuum cleaner looks like a long tube with a smaller rectangle at the end. Get this one out of storage, slide it on to the end of your vacuum hose, and you’ll never look back! With the concentrated flow of suction, this handy accessory will help you get right into the corners and carpet to wall meeting points where a lot of dirt and debris can get stuck and really start to build up, not only causing your carpets to look dirty, despite your regular cleaning, but help to keep the carpet clearer and healthier for any children or pets that may crawl around. One of the lesser known benefits to this accessory is that it can also help you vacuum dirt and buildup in the creases of your lounge or upholstered furniture, helping you to keep your whole house cleaner without the need to buy a smaller vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes You Just Need Professional Carpet Cleaning in Petersburg

While these are just some of the great vacuuming and carpet cleaning tips available from Colonial Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner, sometimes the job or stain is just too stubborn for a regular vacuum cleaner and a good and thorough clean is required. If you’re looking down at a stain that just won’t budge, or you know that despite your best efforts your carpet can look fresher, give us a call at Colonial Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner at 804 898 3363 and let us know the type of carpet and stain you have. With expert knowledge and years of experience, give Steven a call and speak about how the CleanPro green carpet cleaning system in Petersburg can get your carpets looking fresh and give you a head start on your next regular vacuum.

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