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With the boom of consumer electronics, a strange wave of tradition has swept over the entire globe; throwing away the box and the instructions. Of course, the smarter our electronics become and the more touch screens they all include, the easier it is to learn how to use a new product without consulting the instructions. However, a vacuum cleaner doesn’t come with any fancy screens, so if you throw out the instructions, you’re often left wondering what the bag of attachments is for. This is where Colonial Cleanpro can help you out! 

What Do Your Vacuum Attachments Actually Do? 

With extensive experience providing professional and high-quality carpet cleaning services, Colonial Cleanpro knows all about your vacuum cleaner, and the accessories it includes. To help you understand, below is a list of the most common vacuum attachments and what you can use them for. 

The Extension Tool 

The extension attachment is one of the most standard vacuum attachments you will find, and with good reason; it does great work! Below are some of the main uses: 

  • Easily remove any spider webs from your ceiling or ceiling corners 
  • Clean behind heavy appliances like your fridge or washing machine 
  • Clean hard to reach places inside your couch and sewn-in cushions 
  • Makes it easy to remove more dirt and dust from where your carpets meet your wall. 
Another trick which this attachment does well is to help you get hard-to-reach items. For example, if you dropped a coin behind the washing machine, simply place a stocking over the suction hole and secure it with a rubber band, turn on your vacuum, and use the suction to lift out the coin. 


Keeping your home free of dirt and dust doesn’t mean just vacuuming your carpets. If you have upholstered furniture items, such as your couch or dining furniture, dirt can quickly accumulate and cause stains and wear. This is where the upholstery attachment comes in. Often including a strip of felt or similar along the line of the head to cling to and remove lint as you vacuum, this attachment is a great way to keep your upholstered furniture clean from dust and lint. 

As a side trick – this attachment can also be used to remove lint from clothes and blankets. 

As good as these two attachments are, neither of them can remove stains or bring your carpets or upholstery back to life. For that, you will need a professional carpet cleaning service. Speak with Colonial Cleanpro at 804 324 6471 and ask about the ION exchange system. 

By using this technology, paired with a purpose designed cleaning fluid, Colonial Cleanpro can not only have your carpets looking their best, but without ruining them like a traditional steam clean can. Best of all – your carpets are ready to be walked in in a matter of hours – not days. 

Ceiling Fan Cleaner 

Are you looking at a strange looking attachment which kind of resembles the end of a hockey stick? If you are, then it’s likely that you are looking at your ceiling fan cleaner. Just as the name suggests, this attachment has been designed to clean dust and dirt from the top of your ceiling fan blades. However, it is also great for cleaning on top of tall shelves and storage units, along with on top of large household appliances, such as your fridge. 

Pet Groomer 

Believe it or not, that smaller attachment with a soft brush circling the suction intake is for your pets. Along with regular dirt and dust, pet hair has a notorious habit of making its way into your carpets and sticking to your couch. If you can, reduce the power of your vacuum cleaner, and then use the attachment to remove any excess hair from your pets. Remember that your vacuum cleaner may be powerful and noisy, so be sure to start off slow and allow your pets to be accustomed to the feeling and noise. 

Dust while you vacuum! 

When it comes to carpets, the regular attachment and suction power is enough to get dirt and dust out of your carpet. However, this attachment isn’t good for taking care of dust around your house, such as on glass shelves and in your cupboards. That’s where the handy little attachment with gentle bristles comes in. The soft bristles gently remove any dust while the general vacuum removes any dirt. 

Time for Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Vacuuming is the best way to maintain your carpets and keep them clean for daily activities. Of course, regular cleaning can only do so much. If you feel like your carpets just aren’t getting any cleaner with vacuuming, or you’ve come up against a stain which just won’t budge, help is at hand! Speak with Colonial Cleanpro at 804.324.6471 to make an appointment to have your carpets professionally cleaned. 

In contrast to standard steam cleaning, where your carpets are soaked in hot water, Cleanpro’s ION exchange programs uses a purpose-designed cleaning solution which leaves no residue on your carpets! Not only does this result in clean carpets, but also carpets which you can walk on within hours – not days!

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