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In your home, you are bound to have at least one piece of wood furniture that you absolutely love. Perhaps it’s a precious heirloom passed down from generations past in your family, or maybe it’s something modern and wonderful. Whatever it is, it is so important to protect the wood surfaces in your home, just as it is to protect your carpet from soot and other materials. Today Colonial Cleanpro would like to give you some advice about how to keep your wood surfaces clean and looking their best. 

The first step is the simplest. Don’t forget to dust your wood surfaces with a feather duster or terry cloth rag. Avoid using harsher or firmer rags, as they can damage the wood. Remember to dust in the direction of the grain. This will help keep the wood looking better longer, and will not damage the natural marks of the wood surface. 

It’s important to know what you’re looking for when it is time to wax your wood surfaces. There are two standard wax types, liquid and paste.

Liquid Wax has the following advantages:

  • It will protect the surface of the wood
  • It is easy to apply, however you’ll need to reapply it more regularly

Paste Wax:

  • It will also protect the surface of the wood and may do so for approximately two years
  • It is more difficult to apply and takes a longer time in doing so, but again, you won’t have to reapply for an extended period of time

As these products in your home are looking better and better with care, you may begin to notice other areas that need some help. If you’ve noticed that your carpet could use a great cleaning, contact the professionals at Cleanpro to help make it happen. For carpet cleaning in Petersburg, give us a call (804) 898-3363. Remember, don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets!

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